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We all need a passion or two in our lives.  Plants have always been mine.  We all need a passion or two in our lives.  Plants have always been mine.  Growing up in the Philippine Islands, I used to climb massive trees in the jungle or scale rocky cliffs  to obtain beautiful orchids.  When I left the Philippines as an 18 years old, I had over 50 different kinds of wild orchids growing in my yard. 

I planned to take horticulture in college, but won the lottery in late 1970--the round trip to Vietnam lottery.  That did not change my passion for plants.  Almost everywhere I traveled over the next 27 years, I grew something.  Huge zuchinis in Arizona, a few beans in Monterey, dahlias in Japan, a huge vegetable garden on city land in Stuttgart (about $2 a year to rent the space), vegetables in Hawaii and orchids in Thailand. 

When I moved to Spokane in 1997, I bought 20 acres.  I knew I would do something with some plant(s) and I knew I would do it on some sort of commercial basis.   The first 5 years here, I spent my energy learning the real estate market and trying a bit of this and a bit of that.  Somewhere along the line, I planted a few daylillies.  WOW, what a range of colors, sizes, foliage types AND almost impossible to kill!  I was hooked.  Well, there are over 50,000 varieties, I can not grow them all, but, I want to have a great variety for you to choose.  Lord willing, in the spring of 2006, we will have about 60 varieties available for sale and close to 150 types for viewing. 

Most are named with a few nice plants I have informally named for the person who gave them to me.  The goal is to provide a good sized, healthy plant growing in a pot.  The pot's are recycled and vary a bit but typically are the "1 gallon" size.  The majority of the plants are priced at $6-8 each; however, I reduce the price for quantity purchases.  I do have some pricey cultvars and some large potted clumps available for higher prices. 

Just like in Real Estate, I want you to leave the transaction with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.  Enjoy the daylily page and give us a call and visit in the spring.  At this time, I do not ship out of the area.